About us

With more than 13 years of CPM experience and having worked with multiple CPM solutions throughout the years and we have found CCH Tagetik’s platform to be the most complete out of all vendors.

Inulta’s competency is 100% CCH Tagetik. We excel in delivering CCH Tagetik projects worldwide through a team of expert level consultants. Our consultants combine deep, industry specific-knowledge (Airlines, Financial Services, Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacture, NGOs, Pharma, Retail, Services, Telco, Utilities) with the highest-level technical expertise across the full CCH Tagetik product range.

The inherent synergy between business and technical expertise allows us to work together with our clients to manage both business requirements and implementation risk.


Job Description:

We are looking for a talented and highly motivated results-oriented individual with performance management (CPM or FPM) experience to be a part of our consulting team. We need a high quality performer who will proactively use his/her analytical thinking to find the best solution possible.
The candidate will be committed to excellence and will need to be extremely creative, play well with others and be a formidable communicator.

CPM (Corporate Performance Management) description:

In short, you will be building budgeting, planning, consolidation, statutory/management reporting solutions.
Take a gander at , this is the software platform we're implementing throughout the world.

What you will be doing:

Aside from having fun and travelling the world (either virtually, or in person) the Consultant role will assist in the best practice implementations of various CPM/FPM applications.
This will typically involve a minor part of SQL, a part of application customization, a part of reporting, a part of thinking in a multidimensional structures (OLAP) and a big part of interacting with clients all over the world and getting firsthand knowledge of how each industry works.

What your friends will think you will be doing:

Getting paid for doing what you enjoy most, for seeing the world and for not having a 9-5 job. In short, they’ll be jealous.

What our clients will think:

Getting paid for doing what you enjoy most, for seeing the world and for not having a 9-5 job. In short, they’ll be jealous.

What’s required of you:

• Finance/accounting/financial management systems and business process knowledge including some of the following: budgeting, forecasting, consolidation, financial reporting, internal reporting, management dashboards and statutory reporting.
• Average – advanced SQL knowledge is required
• Multidimensional (OLAP) understanding / experience is required
• It is preferred that the candidate will have hands on experience with a CPM/FPM/BI platform; either as a consultant or a long-time power user / administrator.
• Strong business and technical acumen is a must.
• Willingness to travel up to 30% of the time.
• A work schedule to accommodate clients’ time zones (US).
• Impeccable English skills.
• Decent Romanian grammar is required as well, just so we can understand each other.

Bonus points (they might just be key requirements) for:

• Any secondary language is a plus.
• Having been a consultant on larger scale projects is a plus
• 3+ years of experience working with CPM/FPM/BI solutions is a plus.
• Average financial knowledge is required. Audit experience or advanced financial understanding is a plus.




Project management

Business process improvement (process and mockups)

Language proficiency






All SQL flavors (Posgres, T-SQL, PL/SQL)

OLAP (Essbase, SSAS, TM1)

CCH Tagetik

Budgeting and Planning

Forecasting and Modeling

Analytical Information Hub

Consolidations and Close

Disclosure Management

Database architecture




Data warehousing best practicesOLAP

(Essbase, SSAS, TM1)


VB script