Bucharest – The Best City for Remote Working

Due to the current pandemic situation (Coronavirus / COVID-19), many businesses are forced to reconfigure their work habits and move towards remote working (where possible). Bucharest, birthplace of Inulta, is hailed as the best place for working from home: The Best and the Worst Cities for Remote Working

Thanks to its fantastically low cost of living at £421.32 a month and a high percentage of remote working jobs at 4.33%, Romania’s Bucharest is the best city for remote working across the world. If working from Bucharest you won’t be short on your lunch break either with amazing food choices available from Uber Eats from a wide range of restaurants and take-aways. But it isn’t all cheap and cheerful, although overall it is the best city to work from overall a Macbook is going to set you back £1,444. So for all the perks, you need to make that initial investment.