Collaborative Office / Disclosure Management

As a CCH-Tagetik Corporate Disclosure Management (CDM) Partner, Inulta Solutions can deliver best of breed solutions fully leveraging Tagetik’s superior CDM software platform as well the client’s Data Set.

Flexible Deployment: On Premise, Cloud

Eliminate material misstatements / Audit controls – full traceability

Master Qualitative and Quantitative tagging across all reports

Maintenance and Validation for all taxonomies in scope

Single version of the Truth / Focused business narrative

Legal Reporting

Tax and Treasury

FP&A Analysis





IFRS 16 - Contract and Lease Management

IFRS 16 will force Finance department to re-evaluate accounting for Contract and Lease management and the significant impact it will have as off-balance sheet contract and leases will now move into the financial reporting structure.

Inulta has selected CCH Tagetik for Lease Accounting IFRS 16 & ASC 842 . Available both on premise and cloud, the software provides full automation capabilities, managing large data volumes, calculations, statutory disclosure and full reporting capabilities, all available on a fully integrated platform.

Inulta’s proven expertise + CCH Tagetik software provides the perfect partnering opportunity for your IFRS 16 needs



The budgeting process is the effort of achieving the optimum mix in allocating scarce resources to maximize a company’s changing objectives.

Success requires two vital components: Business / Industry knowledge and best of breed software, and the Inulta/Tagetik combination offers both. It is the essence of our involvement to drive best practices in a mechanism that aims to detail processes that best suit your approach to planning, trusting the Tagetik software to flex accordingly.

Top down – allocation driven planning / Bottom up validation

Operational Planning

Financial Planning

Cash Flow Planning

Capex Model

Payroll Model

Inventory Control

BoM derivation/Manufacturing curves

Clinical Trials

ISO adherence

Initiative Planning

Day 1 pre-population standard

What-If / Goal Seek / Global and semi-global variable drivers

Full cost cascading allocation / Cross- subsidization cost benefit analysis

Multi-currency reporting / Hedging

Transaction level detail analysis

Drill down/through logic

Full managerial cockpit

Full statistical model/KPI


The Forecasting process is the continuous adjustment of the approved Budget in light of the latest actual data available.

If Budgeting is a balancing act between using historical data predictive algorithms and assumptive qualitative analysis, Forecasting is the periodic reality check that uncovers the fine adjustments needed to keep the budget aimed on key targets.

Pre-population - eliminate manual input

Fixed / Rolling / Continuous, 24-12 month draw-down

Multi-version / Variance analysis

Full audit trail

Derivation / Analysis / Feedback loops


Management dashboards

Consolidation / Close

A 5 step process

Inulta has selected the CCH Tagetik proven Consolidation and Close platform as the software of choice to implement the full Consolidation Process solution. The established synergy between Inulta expert accountants/technical consultants teams and the CCH Tagetik consolidation software, enables us to offer a Not to Exceed Price package unequivocally guaranteeing implementation timeline and budget.