As a solution provider, an important decision for Inulta was the selection of a comprehensive CPM platform as the foundational toolset. Much like any client, we have engaged in the selection process by doing our due diligence across the main enterprise-level vendors in the Gartner CPM space. Our expertise in SQL, SSAS, Essbase, TM1 gave us the inside track to delve deeper in both functional and architectural design matters for every product on offer.

The main decision criteria were:

Platform unification - all processes on one platform, same platform for both On Premise and Cloud

Functionality Breadth and Depth - Software out-of-the-box adaptability to business requirements including customization if/when necessary

Ease of implementation and maintenance - Rapid consultant ramp-up, intuitive platformv

Vendor after-sale support

Product Road-map - Vendor vision

Total Cost of Ownership

At the conclusion of our evaluation process, we have selected CCH Tagetik as the platform of choice. CCH Tagetik is the best overall platform to intuitively implement complex requirements across all industrial sectors. Inulta absorbs implementation risk through our Budget and Time Guarantee offering on all our implementations, and the CCH Tagetik platform is a big component of our risk minimization strategy.